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EP10: Michael Stelzner on YouTube as a Business Strategy

In this episode, we talk with Michael Stelzner from Social Media Examiner and Social Media Marketing World 2020 #SMMW20 about several sales tips for businesses leveraging YouTube!

EP9: D.P. Knudten Personal Brands, Corporate Brands, Stallions, & Stables

15-Minute Strategy Podcast EP9: D.P. Knudten [Sprocket Talk] In this episode, we talk with D.P. Knudten from Non-fiction Brand nonfictionbrand.com about the importance of personal brands inside the corporate and digital world.

EP8: Kathleen Booth Amazing Business Newsletter Strategy

15-Minute Strategy Podcast EP8: Kathleen Booth [Sprocket Talk] In this episode, we talk with Kathleen Booth from Prevailion prevailion.com about how to create an amazing newsletter that your audience wants to read and engage with.

EP7: Aaron Walker Mastermind Group Business Strategy

15-Minute Strategy Podcast EP7: Aaron Walker [Sprocket Talk] In this episode, we talk with Aaron Walker from View From the Top viewfromthetop.com about how powerful mastermind Groups can be as a business strategy.

EP6: Don Stanley The Strategy of Being A Good Human Company

15-Minute Strategy Podcast EP6: Don Stanley [Sprocket Talk] In this episode, we talk with Don Stanley from 3 Rhino Media 3rhinomedia.com about how important of being human as an individual brand, company brand, and company culture.

EP5: Doug Davidoff Fighting Against Commoditized Sales Teams

15-Minute Strategy Podcast EP5: Doug Davidoff [Sprocket Talk] In this episode, we talk with Doug Davidoff from Imagine Business Development imaginellc.com about how to fight against being a commoditized sales professional or team.

Ep4: Ryan Hanley on Customer Feedback

15-Minute Strategy Podcast EP4: Ryan Hanley [Sprocket Talk] In this episode, we talk with Ryan Hanley from Hanley Media ryanhanley.com about how important paying attention to your customer feedback is to the success of your business.

EP3: Dan Moyle Strategy of Podcast Guesting

15-Minute Strategy Podcast EP3: Dan Moyle In this episode, we talk with Dan Moyle from impulsecreative.com about how to leverage podcast guesting as a business growth strategy.

EP2: Jonathan Christian: 21st Century Networking

15-Minute Strategy Podcast EP2: Jonathan Christian In this episode, we talk with Jonathan Christian from wemakestuffhappen.com about his amazing 21st-century digital networking strategy for personal and business growth.

EP1: Mark Schaefer: Own Your Strategy

15-Minute Strategy Podcast EP1: Mark Schaefer In this episode, we talk with Mark Schaefer from businessesgrow.com about how important knowing and having your own business strategy is to your future success.

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